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The 111 Project is excited to partner with the GOProject in bringing the CarePortal to Oklahoma.  Our original vision has always been to engage the church to be the solution to the needs of foster and adoptable children in our state. The CarePortal is an exciting new initiative of our ministry that helps create a platform to connect churches and agencies in the child welfare space to address the needs of hurting children and families.  The CarePortal does this through a geographically based email communication system that strategically addresses all areas of Child Welfare in a framework we call The Grid.  These areas include helping prevent children from entering state care through family preservation, foster care, adoption, and kids aging out of the system.  Do you know a church that could partner with us in serving your families? 

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Oklahoma Child Welfare Agency Resources

Agency CarePortal Request & Approval Form (PDF)- Click Here (This is a sample form that can be used to create a rough draft paper copy of a request.  All OKDHS requests will be required to be approved by a supervisor before they get submitted to the Network.  We encourage case workers to communicate with their supervisor when the submit a request to insure timely delivery)

Agency CarePortal Training Video (2016 training.  2017 2.0 Updated Training Coming Soon)- (15:00) Click Here

Agency CarePortal Closing Out Requests – (5:00) Click Here

Agency CarePortal Tip Sheet (PDF) – Click Here

Agency Login Page – Click Here