Advocacy Resources for Events or Services:

111Project National Vision Video:  The Vision of seeing One Church One Family for One Purpose is a vision that’s time has come.  In every community, if every church, committed to raise one new foster and adoptive family then there would be more than enough families for children that need to be fostered or adopted.

111Project Emergency Foster Care Promotional Video:  111Project is working with Oklahoma Department of Human Services to recruit families willing to take foster placements on an emergency basis.  This video is a resource that churches can use to promote this need in their community.

111Project Motion Graphic Vision Video: One Church One Family One Purpose (1:20)  – Motion Graphic video depicting the foster care crisis and how the church can be the solution to solving it.

111Project Update Thank You Video: Video for Sunday service or email campaign thanking congregation for their support.  Highlights some of the progress that has been made over last few years in Oklahoma  (1:53)

Recent Oklahoma Statistics for Every County: Feel free to use the contact form if you have questions.  Statistics are updated monthly.  Stats include current children in out of home care, children legally free for adoption, children at risk of aging out at 17 with no family, children in shelters, and numbers on preventive services and family capacity in every county in the state.

Current Oklahoma Impact Stats on CarePortal:  See impact stats of the church network in Oklahoma through CarePortal.  Through the map feature you can also see county and even your church statistics on this web-page.

Stand Sunday Resources: Resources provided in partnership with the Christian Alliance for Orphans.  Stand Sunday is a movement specifically tied to address the foster care crisis in the United States.  Not all children needing families in the U.S. are orphans but yet their need for a safe loving home is critical.  Check out the video telling the story of Stand Sunday here. (1:53)

Church Resources:

Church Resource Kit – Downloadable Pastor Resource Kit and Link to the 111Project Sophia Experience

Foster Care 101 – Basics of Foster Care for those interested in taking their first steps

Ideas to Support Foster & Adoptive Families in Your Church – Ideas on how a Church can start supporting foster and adoptive families right now

Fostering Hope 31 Day Bible Reading Plan – Be prepared to put pure religion into action as you experience this devotional plan that shares real stories from the world of a doctor working in the trenches of the foster care system. We are grateful to Dr. Deb Shropshire, OKDHS Community Relations Deputy Director and 111Project board member for giving us the ability to share this resource with you.  (provided through YouVersion)

111Project YouTube Channel – Video resources from thought leaders and foster and adoptive families to encourage churches and families in their journey

Oklahoma Specific Resources:

111Project Care Portal Page – 111Project specific resources for Care Portal

Foster Family Support Resources – Specific resource for Foster & Adoptive Families with links to local resources in the Tulsa & OKC Metros

Life.Church Open Resources:

Life.Church How to Neighbor Series Links & Resources – Complete links to Life.Church’s media for the How to Neighbor series that contained the “Orphan’s Embrace” sermon addressing foster care and adoption.

How to Neighbor Event Intro – Introduction by Craig & Amy Groeschel used at the Foster Events held at over 20 Life.Church campuses

Life.Church Fostering FAQ video – Great resource produced by Life.Church about questions that surround fostering answered by foster families and individuals in Child Welfare.  Used at Life.Church fostering events followed by Q&A time.

Life.Church Interview – Extended interview with foster parent Ashley Walker.  Ashley was one of the founding board members of the 111Project Tulsa Chapter and currently is the executive director of Launch Ministries which runs a transitional living home for girls aging out of foster care in Tulsa.

Resources for Parents and Caregivers:

Foster Parent Training Resource Page – provided by OKDHS

Foster Parent Support Groups – provided by OKDHS

Recommended TBRI Therapist – provided by Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development