111Project’s CarePortal network is an exciting collaboration that connects churches, agencies, and community partners around addressing the needs of hurting children and families.  This is done through a geographically based communication system that invites the local church and community to help. Opportunities on CarePortal include supporting children and families in crisis, foster care support, reunification efforts, adoption finalization, to assisting youth who are aging out.  To learn more about the scope of CarePortal watch this video that explains what we call the Grid.

One of the main things your church will need is a what we call a Primary Point Person?  Who is this person at your church?  It can initially be a pastor but long term it needs to be an individual that we can partner with to mobilize your congregation and connect your church with others doing this work in the community.

Enroll Your Church!:

111Project utilizes the CarePortal Platform to connect churches to real time opportunities for prayer and meaningful connections in the community.  Although the CarePortal is not required by 111Project churches it is highly recommended!!!!  CarePortal helps 111Project churches strategically engage the first three parts of the 111Project Pledge.  Through Prayer, a Point Person, and the Portal (CarePortal) churches take a significant first step in engaging the child welfare crisis in their local community.  Through a commitment to a annual meaningful Pulpit message for the 111Project Purpose we believe we can see a day when every child will have a family.  111Project is looking for a 1000 churches in Oklahoma to take the 111Project Church Pledge.  Would your church join with us at

Not sure if your church is signed up already on the CarePortal?
Contact Us or check out the CarePortal map at

Wonder if CarePortal is right for your church?  Watch the CarePortal Church Leader Overview Video (for staff): Click Here

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All small groups must be a part of an enrolled church to be activated. If your church is not activated contact us for assistance.

Are you ready to support this movement in the state of Oklahoma?  We would be honored if you considered giving to 111Project to help us support and expand CarePortal in every County of Oklahoma.  Give through our Donate button below or if you want to learn more about your giving click on the Giving Presentation video below.

Donate Giving Presentation (15 minutes)

Church Orientation & Training Resources

Watch Video: Church Orientation Training for CarePortal:

Downloadable 1 page best practices guide for making connections on Tier 1: Click Here

Where Requests Come From: (6 min): Click Here

Making Connections Video Training: (6 min): Click Here


Church Entered Needs Overview: (6 min): Click Here **New Feature**

Becoming a Connecting Church: (3 min): Click Here **New Feature**

Tips for Engagement & other CarePortal Resources (see training for Tier 1-3): Click Here

Small Group Resources

Small Group Orientation & Activation Tips (PDF): Small Group Enrollment & Activation Tips

Small Group Orientation Video: – (13:38) Click Here

Tips for Engagement (see training for Tier 1-3): Click Here

Oklahoma Child Welfare Agency Resources

Please visit our new Agency Resource Page: Click Here

Community Coordinator Resources

Community Coordinator Orientation Video (31:04) Click Here

Community Coordinator Job Overview (PDF) Click Here

Community Coordinator CarePortal Login – Click Here

Volunteer as a Community Coordinator: Volunteer Here